Tuesday, November 13, 2012




It’s Christmas time, oot comes the tree, oot comes the wise men 1,2,3


There’s Mary there’s Joseph in stable bare, but whaur’s baby Jesus he’s no their!


I looked fir him high,  A looked fir him low, he’s no tae be seen whau did he go?


It made me feel sad, it jist wisnae richt, nae babe in the manger, oan that haly nicht


The figures wis glass,  whit if they wir real,  A had lost baby Jesus well how wid you feel?,  I gret to the laird, Laird wid ye help me!, he answered me “ Lassie ye say’s it yersel, look back tae the manger ye neer can tell “.  I did as he telt me and Imagine ma glee, there lay baby Jesus smilin it me!


By Sandra Jane Mack

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